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2024-01-03 183 Ruida Machinery Xia an

What are the printing methods of paper cups?

There are several printing methods for custom paper cups, Let's take a look.

1. Silk Screen Printing
Silk screen has great flexibility and applicability because of its softness and elasticity.   It is not only suitable for printing on soft materials such as paper and cloth, but also for printing on hard items such as glass and ceramics, and is not limited by the surface shape and size of the substrate.   However, the advantages of screen printing paper cups are not well reflected, and screen printing has great limitations on the reproduction of images and text, and there are certain difficulties in processing gradient and reproduction image accuracy.

2. Flexo Printing
Flexo printing is called "green printing" because it uses water-based inks. Nowadays, many companies' product packaging is developing in the direction of flexo printing. Due to the relatively simple structure of the flexo printing machine, the flexo printing machine is "small" compared to the heavy body and expensive material costs of the offset press. In terms of cost, the equipment investment of flexo printing machine is lower than that of an offset press of the same size, which can save 30% to 40%. Small investments in production attracted the participation of small printing companies. Flexo printing is not as narrow as screen printing and the color is wider, but it is not as good as offset printing. Flexo printing is the main process of paper cup printing at present. The printing quality of paper cups depends to a large extent on pre-press production. However, because its environmental protection is green printing, it is better than offset printing, but the price is also higher.

3. Offset Printing
The principle of offset printing is oil and water to deny. The film propaganda paper cup is divided into two kinds of oil and water, and the blank part is hydrophilic and oil-resistant. The image is transferred to the substrate via a blanket roller. The advantage of offset paper cup is that the pattern is full, bright and clear. Both gradient and fine lines can be better displayed, making the appearance of the paper cup more beautiful and more attractive to customers. However, offset printing is not suitable for printing edible paper cups, because the offset printing ink is not very environmentally friendly.

What processes do you need to make paper cups in addition to printing? Let's take a look at the paper cup manufacturing process.

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