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Made in RUIDA Machine
Made in RUIDA Machine
Made in RUIDA Machine

RUIDA Factory manufactures high quality paper cup machines, roll die cutting machine, flexo printing machine, paper plate making machine, paper cup lid machines, paper bag machine and other types of containers and packaging complete sets of equipment, and offers various models to meet different packaging needs. We also offer complementary auxiliary equipment to facilitate processing and packaging.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures superior solutions for our customers. We believe that our products and services will add significant value to your production and business.

Paper Cup Making Machine Series

Automatic RUIDA Paper Cup Making Machine

According to the different needs of customers, we have developed different series of paper cup machines, the speed of paper cup molding is 50-250pcs/min, the size of paper cup is 3-40oz, the use of PLC control system, fault sensor detection, safe and reliable. The whole machine adopts oil lubrication circulation system, servo motor, open CAM transmission, full gear transmission system, more accurate and stable.

  • Production Speed: 50-250pcs/min
  • Paper Cup Size: 3-40oz
  • Raw Material: One or Two side PE coated Paper(Popular for Hot and Cold drink Cups)
  • Suitable paper weight: 140-350gsm
  • Power Source: 50/60HZ, 380V/220V ( better use 380V, 3 Phase ) or special Power requirement.
  • Total Power: 8.5 KW
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Die Cutting Machine Series

High Speed Automatic Roll Die Cutting Machine

High speed automatic roll die cutting machine is the professional equipment which uses for cutting various kind ofpopular paper and PE coated paper be applicable to printing packaging, paper cup and other to the die cutting area, cutting length can be setted in touch-screen, it isconvension and precise. and it can die-cut the blank paper and printed paper.

  • Production Capacity: 80-280 times/min
  • Max Cutting Area: 940mm x 510mm
  • Applicable paper: 150-450g/㎡
  • Max Roller Diameter: 1600mm
  • Max Cutting Pressure: 180T
  • Total power: 5-7.5KW
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Flexo Printing Machine Series

2-8 Colors Flexo Printing Machine

This is an economical and environmental friendly printerforprinting cup papersuitable for both single and double side PEcoated paper,meantime,itis suitable for printing on PVC,OPPect,It useswater baisc ink,it has web quide and corona treat-ment,as opotinalyou can get different cup printing size and qualitybychanging printing cylinders and anilox rollers,so the printingquality can reach your demend.

  • Printing Speed: 60-100m/min
  • Printing Color: 2-8 colors
  • Maximum Printing Size: 180-500mm
  • Registering Precision: ±0.15mm
  • Max.printing Width: 1000mm
  • Power: 8KW
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Paper Plate Making Machine Series

Automatic Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine

The running speed is stable, 100-140 pieces per minute, the paper plate size can reach 2-16 inches, using hydraulic system and hydraulic cylinder, can achieve 200-1000GSM paper plate pressing. Sensor fault detection The sensor will detect the machine and automatically shut down if an error occurs. Automatic collection and counting of finished plates, greatly saving labor costs.

  • Rated Speed: 55-120 pieces per minute can be produced
  • Paper Plate Size: 3-16 inch (mold exchangeable)
  • Suitable Paper Weight: 100-500 gsm (gram a square meter)
  • Power Source: 380V 50Hz or other required
  • Max Cutting Pressure: 180T
  • Total Power: 4-8.5KW
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Paper Bag Machine Series

Automatic High Speed Paper Bag Machine

Properties And Uses: Rolling feed square bottom paper bag making machine it uses paper roll in blank or printed as raw material. Consists of automatic center forward glue printing tracking fixed length and cutting bottom indentation folding bottom bottom gluing Bag bottom forming finished bag collecting at one time. The machine is more convenient more efficient more stable can produce a variety of different paper bags: leisure food bags bread bags dried fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.

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Made in RUIDA Machine
Greater concern for sustainability

Greater concern for sustainability

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible products.A one year warranty on spare parts will ensure that you can utilize the machine to a greater extent.The superior product quality and true warranty time will ensure that you get a product that offers better value for money.

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