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Routine maintenance of the machine

In order to achieve trouble-free operation of the machine, operators must understand the operation of the machine and the forming process of paper cup (paper bowl). The machine is a combination of different parts, each parts has its unique function in the production process. Therefore, fully understand the machine’s characters by reading instruction manual is very importment. Pay attention to routine maintenance, mainly cleaning and lubrication. It will make machine performance more stable and longer life.

Only by doing regular maintenance of paper cup machine can improve the working conditions, it will make the machine running in good working condition and extend its working life.

The specific approach is as follows:

  • Do the routin check daily, check and lubricate all joints and moving parts above the machine table.
  • Check any loosen of cylindrical pin of connection parts, circlips are in normal position. If there is any distortion or displace, remove them and replace with new circlips immediately.
  • Check all fasteners: such as nuts, bolts. If any loosen is found, it should be tightened in time; otherwise it will cause severe vibration, playing or cause other serious problems consequently.
  • All operators or maintenance mechanics must pay attention if there is any noise or abnormal sign during production. If any of this occurs, the machine should be stopped immediately and should be checked thoroughly.
  • Whenever a problem is found, only a qualified personnel is allowed to do the repare work to ensure safety of personnel and machinery.

Lubricanting oil need to be replaced regularly. The first change should be at 30 days for new machine; after then the replacememt can be prolong to every 6 to 12 months depend on oil condition.

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