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2024-01-03 391 Ruida Machinery Xia an

Know what is flexographic printing

Print pre
The prepress process is very important for flexographic printing. It's a high-speed process, which means inaccuracies in preparing artwork or making plates can lead to a lot of ink and material waste.

It is important to remember that because the flexographic plate is stretched when connected to the plate drum, the plate may cause the image to enlarge.

It is also important to ensure that the type of ink used will print neatly onto the substrate.

Each press has multiple printing stations, depending on how many colors are needed. Each workstation prints one color. Therefore, the substrate must pass through many printing stations

For each printing station, a roll of material passes through multiple flexible rotating plates, each flexible plate used for one printing color. The color of the plate comes from a specialized roller that transfers the ink to the plate.

The types of rollers used in flexographic printing machine include:
The inkjet roller responsible for transferring the appropriate color ink to the mesh roller.

The roller is usually composed of a material such as aluminum or steel in the shape of a hard cylinder. The surface of the roller is covered with many small holes, so that the roller can deliver the exact amount of ink to the plate cylinder.

The plate cylinder and the impression cylinder are used in series to apply pressure through the substrate in order to transfer the ink from the plate itself to the printable material.

flexographic printing machine what materials can it print?

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