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2023-12-30 113 Ruida Machinery Xia an

What is Roll Die Cutting Machine & How it Work?

Roll die cutting machine is a modern printing equipment, using advanced computer control technology. Mainly used to die cut a large number of roll paper, tape, plastic film and other materials into various shapes of labels, tags, bags, etc., widely used in paper packaging, such as paper cup.

What are the advantages of roller die cutting machine?

1. Efficient automation
Automatic roll die cutting machine adopts computer control technology, automatic operation, while ensuring production quality, can achieve high-speed continuous die cutting operation, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce manual operation, save labor costs.

2. High precision
Roller automatic die cutting machine adopts high-precision die and advanced positioning system, which can realize precision die cutting operation and ensure the accuracy of product size and shape.

3. Wide applicability
Coil automatic die-cutting machine can be applied to a variety of web materials die-cutting, including paper, plastic film, self-adhesive materials, tape, etc., wide range of applications.

4. High security
Due to the precision mechanical structure and advanced control system adopted in the design of roller automatic die cutting machine, it ensures the stability and reliability of the machine. It is equipped with various safety devices, such as safety doors, emergency stop switches, etc., for monitoring and protecting the safety of operators.

How long is the service life of roll die cutting machine?

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