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2023-12-30 198 Ruida Machinery Xia an

What are the types of die-cutting machines?

There are several types of web die-cutting machine, each designed for specific applications and requirements.

Here are some common types:

1. Flat roll die cutting machine
The flat roll die cutting machine uses the flat roll to apply pressure to the material during die cutting.
Flat roll die cutting machine is suitable for low thickness materials, can handle paper, cardboard, thin plastic and other materials.

2. Rotary die cutting machine
The rotary die cutter machine adopts a cylindrical die mounted on a rotary press.
The material is fed between the die and the anvil roll, which provides support and pressure. The mold rotates, cutting the material as it passes.
Rotary die cutters are ideal for high-speed production and can handle thicker, harder materials such as rubber, foam, and certain metals.

3. Magnetic drum die cutting machine
The magnetic drum die-cutter machine uses a magnetic drum to fix the mold in the appropriate position.
The material is fed between the magnetic cylinder and the steel cylinder, and the steel cylinder applies pressure to cut.
Magnetic cylinder die-cutters offer superior accuracy and are commonly used in applications that require complex and detailed cutting, such as the label and self-adhesive label industry.

4. Semi-rotary die cutting machine
The semi-rotary die cutter machine combines a rotary system with intermittent motion.
The material is fed into the machine and a semi-rotating cylinder is cut into the desired shape.
Semi-rotary die cutters are suitable for short production cycles and are commonly used in digital printing applications.

5. Laser die cutting machine
Laser die cutting machine can not only be used for coil die cutting machine, but also for coil die cutting.
They use laser technology to precisely cut materials without the need for physical molds.
Laser die cutting is suitable for a variety of materials, including paper, fabrics and thin plastics. Laser die cutting machines are available in a variety of designs and can handle complex shapes.

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